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About Us

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A&A Reliable Home Health Care, LLC is a licensed, insured, and bonded comprehensive home care agency that provides 24-hour home care services to clients/patients with temporary, sudden, or long-term health condition.

We are committed to serve our clients without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, national origin, disability, social status, economic standing, or veteran status. The staff members of this agency are trained and experienced individuals in the disciplines of health, medicine, and patient/client care. It is our passion to give treatment, manage medication, provide therapies, and help clients overcome illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or other impairments.

We deliver our services with 3Cs: Compassion, Commitment, and Compliance


We are committed to provide the best possible care to the clients we serve; continue searching for innovative ways to improve the services that will be provided in the future; and individualize each client care.


Our vision is to be the outstanding example in the industry with services delivered efficiently, cost-effectively, and client-centered.

A&A Reliable Home Health Care, LLC will be recognized for:

  • Utilizing innovative approaches to caring for the clients;
  • Facilitating access to healthcare services and health education;
  • Making contributions to creating health-conscious communities; and
  • Creating an environment where employees take pride in making a difference in client’s health conditions; the monitory compensation being a reward of their hard work and outstanding commitment to the clients.

If you wish to experience how reliable our services are, please call us at 651-470-9549.